Why did I choose Udemy?

Before I tell you why I chose Udemy to study data science, I will talk a little bit about myself so you will know my background.

I am a web designer in Japan.
I learned web design by going to a school in Tokyo and became independent as a freelance web designer.

As you may know, web design requires HTML and CSS at least.
In addition, we use Javascript and PHP for interactive or dynamic effects to attract users.

After 2 years since I started working on my own, I became more interested in learning a new programming language.

As I was a marketing representative before I became a web designer, I remembered that there were some programming languages for analyzing data so that we can efficiently plan a marketing plan.

And I knew “Python” and a job called “Data Scientist”.

School or online learning?

A data scientist uses programming languages such as Python, R, Java, and more.

If you are familiar with any kind of programming language or computer science, I think it’s smart to take some online courses.

There are tons of valuable courses online.

However, if you are completely stranger around this area, it’d be better to enroll in any offline schools or have in-person classes.
In that way, you can force yourself to keep doing your study and you will have teachers who you can ask for help.

As I mentioned above, I went to a school to learn web design.
It cost a lot but I believe that it was a great decision because I knew nothing about programming and I wasn’t sure if I could work and learn such new things at the same time.

Recommends and refers found on media & Twitter

In short, I chose Udemy because of a blogger’s recommendation.

I came across a twitter account of a Japanese data scientist who works in the US.

He has a great blog teaching Python and he was recommending Udemy courses for deep understandings.

Price is everything after all

If you are new to Udemy, please go see how high-quality courses are listed with huge discounts.

Maybe it’s because they don’t intend to sell at the original price after all but still, they are cheap.

Though there are some competitors such as Lynda or Skillshare, Udemy has the best varieties of courses to choose from and prices are just attractive.

Reasons why I chose the course

Now I chose this course from 365 Careers Team:


Videos and audio are clear

Among some best-rated courses about data science, 365 Careers Team does the best editing in their video.

There was one whose introduction video took outside on a windy day so we hear annoying noise in the background.
Or, there was one which had a nice video but too many texts.

In spite of those ones, 365 Careers Team uses cute characters, animation, and infographics.

You can see those differences by just clicking whatever courses you are interested in and you can watch about 5 videos before you decide to enroll.

Comprehensive content for true beginners

aspects that the course covers

One big good thing about this course is it covers not only the programming language but also all aspects you’ll need to know about data science.

Even you know how Python works, you never be able to analyze data and predict anything not knowing mathematics and statistics so you can come up with the fastest route to get the right codes.

This course covers

  • Intro to the world of data science
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Python
  • Advanced statistics
  • Machine learning

Videos with nice infographics cheer you up

In this post, I shared my thoughts about The Data Science Course 2020: Complete Data Science Bootcamp.

So far, I think I’ve chosen the right one. I’m enjoying learning from the course.

I hope this helps beginners like me who are looking for the right course to learn Data Science.

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